Conference Outcomes


At the GANZ AGM, and a historical unanimous decision was taken by the community to leave PACFA. We thanked and said farewell to five council members and have emerged with a new and vibrant team. Please check the GANZ website for details.

The present configuration of GANZ remains until 30th June 2017. From 1st July, the organization will formally leave PACFA and reform its constitution, becoming an association similar in remit to the AAGT – supporting gestalt practice and advancement. We will no longer be a registering body for members.

This means that from 1st July 2017, GANZ will not be responsible for accrediting practitioners, or monitoring PD, supervision, insurance or ethical issues. You will need to ensure membership of a relevant registering body such as PACFA, ACA or AHPRA. There will then be an option to join the new GANZ at a minimal fee, gaining access to gestalt PD events, community, journal, conferences, research and networking.

GANZ members, who will join PACFA as individuals, expressed a commitment to the importance of maintaining a presence for the Gestalt modality within the College of Psychotherapy in PACFA.

Those who require PACFA individual membership will be contacted by GANZ in due course regarding the process of transfer. I will write again with further details about this once we are clear about the way forward.

The conference will be held next year, in Melbourne, dates will be announced on the website.

We look forward to building community and moving forward together in the ever-changing fluidity which is our post-modern world.



Margherita Spagnuolo Lobb in full flight offering new ways to think about theory and practice:


Margherita with two main hosts, Leila Davis and Alan Meara who initiated the invitation for Margherita to attend:

The outgoing GANZ Council, applauded for their hard work and formulating a new pathway for Gestalt therapy/practice to flourish:


Eva Deligiannis, Trevor Good, Leila Davis, Kath McCarthy (President), David Murray, Elizabeth Denton, Phoebe Riches and Greer White.

The incoming GANZ Council after one of the smoothest election processes ever seen, and brimming with enthusiasm:


Leila Davis (President), Dinah Buchanan, David Murray, Elizabeth Denton, Ron Dowd

Trish Landsberger, Suzanna Goodrich, Claire Taubert

Carolyn Choy, Madeleine Fogarty

It has been a tradition since 1998 that a crafted silver goose is passed from conference convener to the next convener as a symbol of continuity, The goose acquired a nest along the way and a warming mantle in Christchurch.

Leila as outgoing conference convener lifts the goose here to take wing:


Tony Jackson and Camille McDonald accepting the silver goose as the next conference conveners: Melbourne 2017 – yes, next year! Expect something

The last pre-conference zoom meeting of the organising committee- all on track until onsite!


Eva, Alan, Shona Elliott, Kath, Leila, Trish. (David Murray couldn’t attend).

The band was faaaabulous, and hopefully more pictures will follow to show folk resonating all over the place!


Margherita accepting some of her gifts of appreciation, and PD certificate! She was complimentary about our regional autonomy while reaching out to the wider Gestalt world.












Greer provided support for Margerita’s Canberra experience:


Acknowledgment of Shona Elliott’s contribution as a local host. Sally Bundy was also  recognised as the initiator for a Canberra conference.


Trish assisting Alan desperately setting up AV in time for presentations in the face of logistical problems at the venue.


Margherita and Madeleine Fogarty sharing some humour:


Margherita and Dawn Mead who supplied many of the photos – thank you. Liz Denton looking on.



The “four pillows of Gestalt” that were raffled at the dinner, made by Helen McWilliam and Jenny Kent – great creative work!