Conference Presentations

As at 15 Oct, the following files have been made available through the generosity of presenters for viewing and download. Any formal reference to these should please acknowledge the source.

Margherita Spagnuolo Lobb:

The place of Gestalt therapy within psychotherapies in a post-modern world.

Contact and diagniosis in a clinical setting.

Intimate systems.

Madeleine Fogarty:

What do Gestalt therapists do in the clinic?: The expert consensus

Report from Taormina: need-for-research

Shelley Barlow:

Physiotherapy, phenomenology and close encounters withpeople with chronic-pain

Suzanna Goodrich:

ethics in the relational turn

Ashleigh Power:

The ethics of touch-or-not touch

Alan Meara and Paddy O’Regan:

Aggression, contact and dialogue: the aiki way